About Us

Bias Bespoke Supply Co. is a family business owned and run by a working tailor and his team in New York City. Our knowledge of good quality sewing supplies, strong work ethic, and love for creating beautiful, functional objects and experiences forms the soul of our company. The heart of our company is in our employees - a team that consists mostly of immigrants, and with many related by blood or marriage - working together to build the company.

Artur Allakhverdyan, Armenian tailor and owner of Bias Bespoke, began his tailoring career at age 14 in the former USSR. He moved to New York City in 1992 and after a two year stint making leather jackets, began working at the famous Broadway and film costume shop, Barbara Matera Ltd. Artur worked happily in Barbara's shop for 15 years until he left in 2009 to open his own shop in NYC's garment district. His shop, Artur & Tailors Ltd. now employs about a dozen tailors  - all of whom he has trained himself - to make bespoke suits for Broadway shows such as Hamilton and Wicked. 

Bias Bespoke Supply Co. was born from Artur's desire to find better quality sewing supplies to use in our work -- specifically higher quality tailoring canvases than were easily available in the US. Together with Artur's right-hand assistants, we have been slowly building Bias Bespoke over the past few years (while not neglecting our work as tailors, which continues at a breakneck pace). In addition to Artur, there are other characters in this story. There's me, Tova Moreno, the one non-immigrant of the bunch (so far!). I'm the writer of this and most everything here; manager of Artur & Tailors, Bias Bespoke, and also a tailor myself at Artur & Tailors. There's Artur's dear nephew Pavel Manvelyan, who has worked diligently with Artur since immigrating to the US in 2008. Pavel's wife Nara steers the day-to-day operations of Bias Bespoke, along with Artur's two sisters and a brother-in-law, each of whom has emigrated from Armenia in the past handful of years, making it well and truly a family business! 

So, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to discover what we offer. We sincerely hope that you will love what you find and come back again and again. We are constantly developing and expanding our selection, so please feel free to offer suggestions on what you would like to see us stock! 
Artur and Pavel with costumes made for