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28" Length #5 Open End Zippers with Gunmetal Teeth, Bias Bespoke Brand

  • $3.90 / Piece

Strong size #5 metal zippers with gunmetal teeth and beautiful tape colors. The puller slides easily along the teeth, and locks in place when flat so that the zipper can't gradually open on it's own. They're our Bias Bespoke brand, and have a small "BIAS" engraved into the puller. Sold in six lengths with an open end, to be set into jackets and coats: 18"20"22"24", 26", and 28" lengths. They can be shortened from the top of the zipper with top stops, or from the bottom of the zipper with bottom stops if a closed end zipper is desired. 

Quantity Pricing on this item is regardless of color, so 12 zippers in one color or in a mix of different colors are both eligible for the discount.

Quantity Pricing:
1-11   $3.90 / Piece  
12+   $2.55 / Piece save 35%
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