Welcome to Bias Bespoke Supply Co.! We are so glad to have you visit, and are excited to introduce you to our products. This website opened in October 2017, but we began building the business in 2014. It started as a search for better supplies to use in our own work as tailors, and since then has been growing to include sewing supplies for many kinds of makers: dressmakers, drapers, designers, costumers, lingerie & corset makers, craft hobbyists and fashion lovers. 

Every month we add new products, so if you don't yet see what you're looking for, it may be coming soon! We aim for Bias Bespoke Supply Co. to have a good mix of necessary basics, innovative finds, and luxurious trimmings, and hope you agree that our products are top quality at a reasonable price. It is our highest goal for you to make Bias Bespoke Supply Co. your trusted sewing supply source! Thank you for visiting!