Sample Book: Viscose-Acetate Jacquard Lining, 25 Samples

  • $12.00 / Item

This sample book includes one sample of each of the five colors of our Viscose-Acetate jacquard weave linings from Italy in 6 different designs. 25 samples in total. They are:

CAMO Viscose-Acetate Jacquard Camouflage Lining
- ARCADE Viscose-Acetate Jacquard Video Game Lining
GIADA Viscose-Acetate Snakeprint Jacquard Lining
DECIUS Viscose-Acetate Jacquard Roman-Look Lining
- PERPETUA Viscose-Acetate Paisley Jacquard Lining
- VERONA Viscose-Acetate Herringbone Arabesque Jacquard Lining

Please note that the cost of this sample book barely covers our costs to make it. (Each book is made by hand by one of our over-skilled staff members.) Therefore, we ask that you only purchase one of these books if you are sincere in your interest in this article.

  • $12.00 / Item
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