LUCA Classic Matte Dark Gray Blue Corozo Suit Buttons, Made in Italy

  • $1.40 / Button

Classic matte finish corozo buttons in a dark gray color with a slightly blue-ish cast. They show some natural marbling, an inherent and beautiful characteristic of the material, and are a bit lighter on some of the rims. Corozo is a strong and natural material, made from the nut of a South American plant. Made in Italy.

Two sizes, smallest first:
- 24 Line (~15mm, ~9/16")
- 32 Line (~19.5mm, ~13/16") 

We carry LUCA Classic Matte Corozo Buttons in 20 colors. (Search for 'Luca' to find them all.)

24 Line
1-7 Buttons $1.40 / ea.  
8-23 Buttons $1.19 / ea. save 15%
24+ Buttons $0.98 / ea. save 30%
32 Line
1-2 Buttons $2.25 / ea.  
3-11 Buttons $1.92 / ea. save 15%
12+ Buttons $1.57 / ea. save 30%
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