LUCA Classic Faded Matte Black Corozo Suit Buttons, Made in Italy

  • $1.40 / Button

Classic matte finish corozo buttons in black with rims that show some vintage fading. (They are new, just made to look slightly aged.) The buttons show some natural marbling, an inherent and beautiful characteristic of the material. Corozo is strong and natural, made from the nut of a South American plant. Made in Italy. 

Two sizes, smallest first:
- 24 Line (~15mm, ~9/16")
- 32 Line (~19.5mm, ~13/16") 

We carry LUCA Classic Matte Corozo Buttons in 20 colors. (Search for 'Luca' to find them all.)

24 Line
1-7 Buttons $1.40 / ea.  
8-23 Buttons $1.19 / ea. save 15%
24+ Buttons $0.98 / ea. save 30%
32 Line
1-2 Buttons $2.25 / ea.  
3-11 Buttons $1.92 / ea. save 15%
12+ Buttons $1.57 / ea. save 30%
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