CLARA Bow Snap Die Head (4 Parts Per Set) for Bevy Pliers

  • $8.95 / Set

Clara Bow die heads are specifically made to set our Clara Bow 4-part cap snaps. When the die heads are screwed into our Bevy Interchangeable Pliers they set Clara Bow snaps beautifully over and over. Bevy pliers also work perfectly with die heads for our other types of grommets, eyelets and 4-part snaps.

One Clara Bow die head set has four parts. 

For videos detailing how to use the Clara Bow die head to set these 4-part cap snaps, watch Part 1 which introduces our Bevy Interchangeable Pliers and then Part 4 about setting these snaps. (Both videos open in a new window.)

  • $8.95 / Set
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