Swatch Cards & Books

For those who want to feel the materials before purchasing, or need to color match, this is the place to come! If we have what you need, that is! ;) We make all the swatch books ourselves, as time allows, so sometimes things can be out of stock for a long time! If there's something you've been waiting for, an email to us ( asking when something will be back in stock can really help to get a certain item moving forward, as we're always making decisions about what's most essential to do at this moment. 

Also, please note that for some articles, we'll probably never have swatch cards/books because the volume or variety of that item is prohibitively expansive! The biggest of these is the lingerie elastics: a swatch book of all our lingerie elastics would be a massive tome of a book (we have two huge binders of our lingerie elastic swatches in our stockroom), and also, the colors or style details can change from one dyelot to the next so it wouldn't be accurate for long. For these articles and others, our recommendation is to buy one (one yard, one button or buckle, etc) if you want to feel/see the item before purchasing a larger quantity.

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