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Sample Book: Viscose-Acetate Jacquard Lining, 25 Samples

  • $12.00 / Item

This sample book includes one sample of each of the five colors of our Viscose-Acetate jacquard weave linings from Italy in 6 different designs. 25 samples in total. They are:

CAMO Viscose-Acetate Jacquard Camouflage Lining
- ARCADE Viscose-Acetate Jacquard Video Game Lining
GIADA Viscose-Acetate Snakeprint Jacquard Lining
DECIUS Viscose-Acetate Jacquard Roman-Look Lining
PERPETUA Viscose-Acetate Paisley Jacquard Lining
VERONA Viscose-Acetate Herringbone Arabesque Jacquard Lining

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