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Signet Fino Textile Marker Kit, Made in Germany

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    $16.25, save $2.45
  • $13.80 / Piece

Shapely and handy marker for super-fine writing and marks on textiles, paper, wood, plastic and other materials. Easy to use. The kit includes 15 cartridges (5 in each of three colors: white, blue, and pink), the chalk refill canister, three erasers, and the stylish holder. Made in Germany.

To use, remove eraser at the top and insert a chalk cartridge through the access chamber. Replace the eraser and press down on it repeatedly to move the chalk down through the chamber to a useable level. Test the chalk on a scrap piece of your fabric before use in order to ensure that the marks come off. Use the lightest marks possible to aid in removal. Residue can also be removed with a damp cloth. Be sure to remove the marks before ironing, washing, or dry cleaning. 

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