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Rainbow Lingerie Buckles in Two Sizes

  • $1.75 / Buckle

Metal sliding joint buckles for lingerie, in a durable rainbow-colored finish that matches our other rainbow-colored rings, sliders, and hooks. They're electroplated two times in order to achieve the bright multi-color effect. Each buckle is unique in it's coloring - some are more purple or pink, others more blue or green, in some a yellow-gold dominates, and still others have a wide mix of these colors. When held flat, they stay securely closed. 

- 5/8" (15mm); works with 1/2" to 5/8" wide straps (Perfect with MIRANDA and LEDA PRINT 15 elastic)

- 3/4" (20mm); works with 3/4" to 7/8" wide straps

1-49 $1.75 / Buckle  
Qty. + -
50+ $1.14 / Buckle save 35%
1-49 $2.00 / Buckle  
Qty. + -
50+ $1.30 / Buckle save 35%
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