Sample Book: Bias Bespoke Interlinings with Fusibles Included, 54 Samples Total

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NOTE 2/20/21: We are out of stock on this item and don't know yet when we'll have time to make more. Sorry!! 

The biggest sample book we offer, including all tailoring canvases, fusible interlinings, sew in interlinings and mock-up fabrics allows tailors to feel the fabrics so that well-matched choices can be made. And when it comes to floating front canvases, it's best if the hymo's weight is similar to the fabric's weight. To see how we rank our hymos by weight, see the Hymo Canvas Comparison Chart in a tab below. 

The book includes:
- SCALA Premium Collar Canvas (Drab & Black)
- AQUILA Pure Linen Bias Canvas
- CORVUS Pure Linen Bias Canvas
- ANSELMO Premium Lightweight Hymo Canvas
- ALDA Pure Linen Premium Canvas (Tan & Black)
- TORINO Pure Linen & Wool Canvas (Beige & Black)
- RAVEN Premium Hymo Canvas
- CLEO Super Premium Hymo Canvas
- SAVILE Super Premium Hymo Canvas
- REMO Super Premium Hymo Canvas
- GIOVE Super Premium Hymo Canvas
- DELFINO Premium Hymo Canvas
- ROSALBA Premium Hymo Canvas
- STELLA Premium Hymo Canvas
- STELLA ADHESIVE Fusible Hymo Canvas
- VALENTIN Hymo Canvas
- TC-200 Hymo Canvas
- TC-212 Hymo Canvas
- MARGHERITE Premium Hymo Canvas (White & Black)
- CERA Premium Hymo Canvas
PANNA Premium Hymo Canvas
- TC-110 Hymo Canvas
- SALERNO Premium Horsehair Canvas
- BALLATO Premium Horsehair Canvas
- TH-400 Horsehair Canvas
- TH-812 Horsehair-like Canvas
- FORIZA Horsehair-like Canvas
- MARTINA Horsehair-like Canvas
- COLOMBINA Premium Domette
- FO-130 Domette
- BIAGI Lightweight Interlining (White, Gray & Black)
Fusible Interfacing Tape (White, Black)
FF-865 Woven Fusible Interlining (White)
FF-850 Woven Fusible Interlining (White, Black)
FF-575 Woven Fusible Interlining (Gray)
FF-460 Woven Fusible Interlining (White, Black)
FF-401 Stretch Knit Fusible Interlining (White, Black)
FF-312 Non-Woven Fusible Interlining (White, Black)
FF-145 Non-Woven Fusible Interlining (White)
Fusible Bonding Web (Transparent)
- Cotton Muslin (for Toiles and Mockups)
- Cotton Drill (for Toiles and Mockups)
- TROILO Waistbanding

We also offer separate sample books with just the sew-in fabrics or just the fusible fabrics, so you can choose one of those if you prefer, or want to add to a book you already have. 

  • $26.00 / Item
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