Return & Shipping Policies

- Returns and Exchanges 
- General Shipping Policies
- "Local Pickup" and "Use My Account" 
- Domestic Shipping (within the United States) 
- International Shipping (outside of the United States) 
- International Duties and Taxes


Materials sold by the yard* are not returnable. All other items can be returned in original condition within 30 days for a full refund of the cost of the item. Shipping costs are not refundable and buyers must pay return shipping costs. We do not offer exchanges. Returning unwanted goods is your responsibility, and we cannot process refunds on items we have not received, so be sure to use a trackable service. Keep the tracking number accessible in case it's needed, or even include your tracking number in an email to us. 

If you're not sure if what you want to return will be accepted (because of the item, it's condition, or the timeline) send us an email to determine if we'll accept the return. If yes, send the goods back to us at the address on your packing slip (Bias Bespoke, 247 W 35th St, 7th Fl, New York, NY 10001). Please include the packing slip in the shipment OR all of the following info: your name, order number, the SKU numbers, and quantity you're returning.
If sending back goods that don't meet our return guidelines, it is up to our discretion what amount, if any, to refund, so be sure to contact us ahead of time for information about whether your goods will be accepted for a refund before sending them. And finally, if you're returning items from an order of more than $200 that includes a 5% discount and the return causes the remaining order value to drop below $200, then the discount will be removed from the order. 

*Materials sold by the yard include articles that are only sold in pre-determined lengths when not covered in pre-shrunk plastic, or when the pre-shrunk plastic has been removed or cut. This includes, but is not limited to, horsehair braid and fabric tapes.


We follow a normal Monday-Friday work week. Orders placed Tuesday-Friday before 2pm ET are usually shipped the same day. Orders placed on the weekend will be shipped on Monday. Orders placed on Monday or after 2pm ET Tuesday-Friday may be shipped the same day or may be shipped on the following business day, excluding holidays.

We most commonly ship using the United States Postal Service (USPS), but among the shipping options offered at checkout, we also use FedEx and UPS. See below for more information about USPS timelines for the most common services offered. Please note that if you choose USPS Priority Mail, and the shipment fits in a FedEx Flat Rate box, *at our discretion* we may choose to send it FedEx 2 Day service if it seems it may get to you faster than using USPS Priority mail would. To find and compare shipping costs to your address, add the items you'd like to order to your Cart, and then go to Checkout. Enter your shipping address there, and you'll be able to compare costs for all the shipping services we offer. 

Local Pickup & Use My Account 
We offer a free Local Pickup option for customers in NYC to pick up orders already placed online. We will send you an email when your order is ready to be picked up, or if you need it extra fast, call or email us and we'll try to have it ready as soon as you want to come! Phone: 212-967-6535 Email: 

If you want to ship using your own FedEx or UPS shipping account, we have an option for that as well! In the "Shipping Methods" section of Checkout, you'll scroll to the bottom of the list and choose "Use My Account" (which will not add any $ for the shipping cost, since you'll be paying for it through your shipping service) and then in the "Notes" section please tell us your shipping service (FedEx or UPS), account number, and the shipping speed/option name that you'd like for us to choose!

Domestic Shipping

Shipping charges are based on weight and destination. To determine shipping costs to your address, add the items you'd like to order to your Cart, and then go to Checkout. Enter your shipping address there, and you'll be able to compare costs for all the shipping services we offer. 

- USPS First Class Mail is great for packages under 13oz that don't need to arrive very quickly. The timeline is usually 2-5 business days to most locations within the US, and tracking is included, but packages are not guaranteed to arrive during the stated timeline, and no insurance is offered for delay, loss or damage. 

- USPS Priority Mail shipping has a usual 1-3 business day delivery timeline, but does not include insurance for delay, loss or damage.
**If you choose USPS Priority Mail, we may choose, at our discretion (if the package is fits in a FedEx Flat Rate box), to upgrade you to a FedEx 2-Day service, which includes guaranteed two day delivery, and up to $100 of insurance against loss or damage.**

- USPS Priority Mail Express shipping offers 1-2 business day delivery, including $100 of insurance for most shipments. 

We also ship via FedEx and UPS, though their prices tend to be more expensive than many of USPS's services.

International Shipping

We offer shipping to many countries around the world, and charges are based on weight and location. See International Duties and Taxes below for more info about extra charges your home country may impose upon delivery.

Update 1/1/2022: We don't currently ship to the European Union or the United Kingdom, due to recent changes that require overseas companies to charge VAT on shipments to customers in the EU and UK. With time, we will get a VAT number and find a reliable way to track and remit VAT appropriately. Until then, our apologies!
Through Etsy, however, we can still ship to the EU and UK. We currently only have a small selection of our items there, but hopefully it includes what you need and if not, email us at and we'll see if we can add it!  

It is possible to use FedEx, UPS, or DHL for shipping, but their costs are so much higher than USPS's costs, that buyers don't tend to choose them! When using USPS, there are three options for speed/cost, listed below. *Note that packages sent by USPS will be transferred to the destination country's local postal service, so in case of questions, you may contact your local post office with your USPS tracking number.* 

- USPS First Class International Mail shipping is the most economical choice, but please note that once First Class packages leave the US there is no guaranteed tracking (so lost packages may not even be able to be traced), and they include no insurance for lost or damaged packages. The general timeline guide for this service is usually* 7-21 business days. Business days exclude weekends and holidays. 

- USPS Priority Mail International shipping offers a usual* 6-10 business day delivery timeline, includes tracking, and up to $200 insurance for merchandise for loss or damage. (The insurance for this service only covers loss or damage, but not delays.) Business days exclude weekends and holidays. 

- USPS Priority Mail Express International shipping has a 3-5 business day delivery and a money-back guarantee if it does not arrive in the stated timeline. Business days exclude weekends and holidays. 

NOTE: All of these USPS services now start with a different company called Global Post, are then given a new tracking number and transferred back to USPS, and then from there to your home country's local postal service. In the interim before packages are transferred to USPS, they seem not to be sorted by speed of service, so for example the 3-5 business day money-back guarantee that's a part of only USPS Priority Mail Express International only begins once USPS has received the item. We recently had one such Priority Express package that sat waiting to be sorted by Global Post for *7 days* before being given to USPS.

*"Usual" timelines are not guarantees. Those timelines are mostly used by USPS for when an Investigations for "Missing Mail" are able to be opened - only as early as 3 days after the end of the stated mail delivery timeline for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express shipments. For First Class shipments, no investigations can be opened at any time (unless you purchased additional insurance on the package -- contact us directly before it's shipped to find out about adding it), because of the bare-bones nature of the service. 

To find and compare shipping costs to your address, add the items you'd like to order to your Cart, and then go to Checkout. Enter your shipping address there, and you'll be able to compare costs for all the shipping services we offer. 

International Duties and Taxes

Some countries charge additional duties and/or taxes at the time of delivery. These fees are not charged by us, we do not receive anything from them, nor do we even know when you're charged or how much. (I believe that they're collected and kept by the government of your country.) We understand that the threshold over which these extra fees are charged is variable by country, as is the rate.

Anecdotally, one of our customers (in the UK) was charged extra fees for a single set of jacket buttons, and other times I've heard of orders under $200 or $500 arriving with no extra charges.

Over time, we hope to collect more information about customs fees and duties, but for now, this is truly all we know. If you are charged duties on an order, we would love to know, as it will help us help other international customers know what to expect! To tell us, please email us at with the info about how much duty you were charged on your order. Thank you so much!!