Shozaburo Hard Blade Japanese Tailor Shears, 240mm

  • $113.95 / Piece

Shozaburo shears are the very best scissors in the world. The company applies the traditional techniques, materials and craftmanship used by Samurai sword makers to each pair of shears they produce, making scissors that are so sharp, precise and long-wearing that no others can compare. At Bias Bespoke, the tailors in our tailor shop use Shozaburo shears exclusively, and have been doing so for years. Our head tailor has had the same pair on his work table for more than 20 years, and it still gets daily use. 

These Hard Blade scissors are made from a special hard steel that allows for almost no wear on the blades even after cutting synthetic fibers, leather, rubber, and plastic, all of which cause tremendous wear on conventional blades. 9 3/8" (240mm) long from end to end. 

  • $113.95 / Piece
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