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Signet Duo Textile Marker Kit, Made in Germany

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  • $12.65 / Piece

Handy and fun marker for textiles, paper, wood and other materials. Popularly used for sewing, quilting, and crafts. The two different chalk cartridge widths (2mm and 3.8mm) allow fine markings or strong lines, and the patented holder keeps them securely in place, and also easy to change. Kit includes 8 cartridges in each of the two diameters, four refillable erasers, one sharpener, and the stylish holder. Made in Germany.

Test the chalk on a scrap piece of your fabric before use in order to ensure that the marks come off. Do not make heavy marks. Use the very lightest marks possible to aid in removal. Residue can also be removed with a damp cloth. Be sure to remove the marks before ironing, washing, or dry cleaning. 

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