STELLA Premium Italian Hymo Canvas, Light to Medium Weight, 59" Wide

  • $24.95 / Yard

Stella is a light to medium weight hymo canvas that's excellent for bespoke suit chest fronts (jackets and vests) or as an interlining for many other handmade items. Made in Italy from cotton, rayon viscose, and goat hair. 59" (150cm) wide. 

Stella has a similar weight and stiffness to our Rosalba interlining, but a different hand. Some tailors may prefer the greater hair content of Stella (less in Rosalba); other tailors may prefer the smoother feeling of Rosalba due to it's higher wool content.

This fabric is included in our Interlining Sample Book

Go to our Bias Bespoke YouTube channel to see How To videos on preparing a Suit Coat Front Canvas from Raw Materials. Visit our Sewing FAQs page for answers to common questions such as how to choose materials and yardage requirements. 

Quantity Pricing:
1-2.5   $24.95 / Yard  
3-11.5   $23.15 / Yard save 7%
12+   $21.20 / Yard save 15%
  • $24.95 / Yard
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