Metal Skirt Hem Marker on Wheels

  • $135.00 / Piece

This hem marker is stronger and nicer-looking than it's competitors. (The plastic ones you find elsewhere break often at the clip where you adjust the level, AND they don't look so good.) It's primarily made of metal, with a decorative and strong plastic jar to hold powdered chalk, and 360 degree swiveling wheels. Easy height adjustment is made via a metal screw with a black plastic knob. The lowest mark possible is 6" from the ground.

This product does not come filled with chalk -- but any powdered chalk from a sewing store will work -- but we include one small package of Chaco Refill chalk just to get you started. (Note that it's just a small amount of chalk, so you'll want to get more chalk very soon.) 

  • $135.00 / Piece
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