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REMO Super Premium Italian Hymo Canvas, Medium Weight, 27" Wide

  • $19.75 / Yard

Remo is one of the very highest quality medium weight hymos available in the world. It is used to make bespoke suit chest fronts for jackets, vests, and overcoats. Made in Italy from 50% pure wool, and 50% viscose/rayon. 27.5" (70cm) wide. 

Each bolt of this fabric has been individually washed in cold water and then hung to dry under the Italian sun. (This is not an automated system. On a supplier visit, we observed that it is done by hand on dry, sunny days, in the way that linens were washed for hundreds of years.) This extra step helps the fabric with preshrinking. 

It is also Balanced, which means that when it is woven, all the cross-wise fibers are laid in a single direction, instead of shuttling back and forth. Most fabrics will curl up like a cigar when subjected to heat and pressure, but because of the unusual and time-intensive weaving process of Balancing, this one will remain in it's desired shape even under extreme stress. Coat fronts made with balanced fabric will stay beautiful for years.

Go to our Bias Bespoke YouTube channel to see How To videos on preparing a Suit Coat Front Canvas from Raw Materials. Visit our Sewing FAQs page for answers to common questions such as how to choose materials and yardage requirements. 

Quantity Pricing:
1-4   $19.75 / Yard  
5-12   $16.20 / Yard save 18%
12+   $14.35 / Yard save 27%

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