The threads we currently offer are a mix of ones made in Poland, China, France, the United States and Italy. They are made of many fibers, including polyester, nylon, cotton, silk and linen. There's a good, basic all-purpose polyester sewing thread (Ester); some lovely threads for top-stitching fabric and leather; a cotton basting thread from Italy, which is very popular with professional tailors and dressmakers (Torre); a thread that disintegrates in contact with water, for a temporary hold that doesn't need to be picked out (Aquarena); silk thread in a good weight for making hand-bound buttonholes and doing pick-stitching (Trebizond); silk, cotton, and linen threads for general sewing, for when natural fibers are prioritized over strength; a number of embroidery threads in solid, metallic, and iridescent colors; and a serger thread (Atena) that's made so that the serging will not show through to the outside of your fabric after being pressed, even on chiffon!

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