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Crisped Mint Water: An Ironing Aid

  • $10.95 / Each

Crisped Mint Water, a.k.a. Spearmint Water, works wonders to get rid of stubborn wrinkles and creases. It is also completely natural, and smells divine. The bottle reads: "Spearmint water is an old ironing aid: It enables you to iron out and press seams and creases, as well as iron flat and greasy parts (i.e. collars of coats and jackets). Spearmint straightens up the fibers, providing a standardization of the fabric structure."

Three sizes, all in plastic bottles: 
~6oz (150ml) with spray nozzle
~8oz (250ml)
~34oz (1000ml)

Ingredients: Purified water and Mentha crispa. The solution should be used undiluted, and can be applied with a fine misting spray bottle as shown here, or by dampening a cloth with the mint water and dabbing it onto the fabric before pressing with an iron. Manufactured in Germany. 

6 Ounce, With Spray Nozzle
1+ $10.95 / Each  
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8 Ounce Bottle
1+ $13.95 / Each  
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34 Ounce Bottle
1+ $36.75 / Each  
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