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Wooden Point Presser and Clapper

  • $28.95 / Each

A point presser is a must in any sewing room, ideal for pressing seams flat and getting into tight corners. This one has a point that's sharper than many, having been hand-sanded into more of a sharp point than the cutting machine allowed. It can also be used as a clapper: after steaming your seam or fabric, clap this tool firmly down onto it so that the wood absorbs the heat and further flattens the seam. The point presser ships flat with the screws included, and when securely screwed, it is quite sturdy and well-made. 15 3/4" long from point to end, 1" width. The base is 11" long by about 4" wide, and it's 4 1/2" tall. (40cm long, 2.5cm wide. The base is 28cm by about 10cm, and it's just over 11cm tall.) Made of pine wood. 

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